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Pharmacy in Curaçao

Pharmacies in Curaçao

If you are looking for a pharmacy in Curaçao that is on duty, that is usually not a good sign. But don't worry, rescue is near. There are several places on Curaçao where pharmacies are located.

If you want to find out which pharmacy is open and on duty, check it out overview of pharmacies on our website. You can easily check here where the pharmacy is located on Curaçao and whether it is open at that time.


Botika's on Curaçao

In Curaçao we do not talk about pharmacies but about Botikas. It's kind of a small department within a drugstore. So you can often buy other things than just medication. When you walk into a botika you will often immediately see the desk where you can hand in a doctor's prescription or ask medical questions.

After they have taken the prescription and wrapped the medication, you will receive a sticker stating the amount that you must pay. You can then walk to the cash register in the botika and pay here. Have you paid? Then you walk back to the desk where you handed in the recipe. You can take this with you now and hope you get better soon!

Opening hours pharmacies on Curaçao

Most pharmacies in Curaçao open at 8 a.m. and close between 5 a.m. - 7 p.m. During the day you can just walk in to be helped. You are also not obliged to necessarily go to a botika that works most closely with the doctor you have been to. You can hand in a prescription from a doctor at all pharmacies in Curaçao.

Do you need a pharmacy at night or ’s late at night? Don't panic, because you also have that here on Curaçao. We call this the Botica na warda. There is often a pharmacy that is open all evening and night. Because this pharmacy can differ every day, a handy Facebook page has been set up where you can find out who the pharmacy is on duty for the night shift. View directly which pharmacy is on duty here

So do you need a pharmacy in Curaçao? Then quickly view the pharmacies on our website and you can immediately see whether they are open and where they are located. Do you have to go to the doctor first? Look here for GPs where you can go!



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