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Car tour to Westpunt

With your rental car a great tour to Westpunt

The moment has come, you will receive the keys to your rental car and now the adventure for you on Curaçao can begin with your rental car! Exciting? No not at all, it is all about enjoying the natural beauty of Curaçao. Especially with this car tour you see the best highlights of the west.

Let's take our starting point from the heart of Willemstad, Punda. If you drive west from here, you cannot escape the beautiful and high Juliana Bridge. From this bridge you have a spectacular view over Punda and you can immediately view the Queen Emma Bridge (also called the pond bridge).

*TIP: drive over the Juliana Bridge in the evening and be enchanted by all the lights you see shining on Curaçao.

You can drive straight ahead, because there are not that many main roads. You will pass the Grote Berg en Barber district. After which you will automatically arrive at the Christoffelpark. Most people always find it worth going in here. You can go through the park with your car! During the route there are several viewpoints where you can stop to enjoy the beautiful view.

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Continue to the west in Curaçao

After you have viewed the Christoffelpark, you can continue the route to the west. You will then arrive at Shete Boka, where seven inlets can be found. The sea here is very rough and crashes into the quay with enormous force! Definitely a DO in this story. You can also enter this park with your rental car so you can drive to all the highlights.

The westernmost point of Curaçao is Westpunt, here you will find the Watamula. In this area is a lighthouse, a water fountain, several secluded bays and an area where waves push air through the porous coral rock. Unfortunately, this part is not easily accessible by car, so good shoes are not a luxury.

You have now completed the intensive part and can now look for relaxation on the beach. When you drive further down from Watamula you will be the first to arrive Playa Kalki. This beach is really special for its underwater world. The sea gets deep quickly, but with a snorkel you can still see the bottom! You can see colorful fish and coral here. Don't want to miss this? Rent a snorkel directly at Fun Curaçao and you can snorkel everywhere.

If you want to go to other beaches, you can just continue the route. You will then pass special and beautiful beaches. The advantage of the beaches on Curaçao is that every beach has something special!

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