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Rent a face mask on Curaçao

Rent a Face mask on Curaçao!

A new trend was developed a few years ago, namely the Face mask with which you can snorkel. This new type of snorkel is a godsend for anyone who does not master snorkeling well, but also for children.

With a Face mask you can simply breathe through your nose and thus snorkel much more relaxed and enjoy what happens under water. Many people do not like snorkeling because you have to breathe through your nose, but with a Face mask this is no longer necessary. Due to the sealing edge that fits against the face, no water gets to your nose, so you can easily breathe through your nose.

You can now also use a Rent a face mask on Curaçao and discover the underwater world of Curaçao in a relaxed way. Due to its wide view you have much more visibility than with a normal snorkel. You can also go snorkeling with your children because they do not have to adjust their breathing pattern. So rent a Face mask on Curaçao to really have fun with the family while snorkeling!

Filming with a Face mask on Curaçao

Because a Face mask is a fairly new and therefore modern development, people who want to film under water have also been taken into account. With the Face mask that you rent at Fun Curaçao you no longer have to hold a tripod under water, but you can connect the camera to the Face mask. How cool is that!

It is a universal connection so it only fits on all small underwater camera ’s. You can easily attach the underwater camera to the Face mask and therefore disconnect it again. Are you coming to us to rent a Face mask on Curaçao? Then immediately bring your camera and we can see if it fits and which Face mask is most suitable for you!

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Rent a snorkel set on Curaçao with a Face mask

Besides renting one Face mask on Curaçao it is useful to get a snorkel set to rent. A snorkel set includes a snorkel with flippers. This way you can enjoy a complete and unique snorkeling experience. Flippers often finish it off, because you can swim to the bottom faster but you can also look under water relaxed. With a minimal movement you already move forward so that you can snorkel quietly along the cliffs on Curacao.

At Fun Curaçao you can order everything to size so that you will never end up with too small or too large snorkel gear. If you visit us you can fit and measure what fits best. We have several sizes of Face masks and of course also flippers. Would you rather rent a normal snorkel on Curaçao? Then this is of course no problem! We have both normal snorkels and Face masks in various sizes, so there is something for everyone.

Rent a snorkel set on Curacao with Facemaks



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