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GP station on Curaçao

Whether you are on Curaçao for vacation, work or other circumstances, it is always nice to speak to a doctor in your own language. Not necessarily because the doctors at your destination are not good enough, but to avoid the language barrier and thus avoid mistakes. Are you looking for a Dutch doctor in Curaçao? Then you're in luck, because almost all GPs on Curaçao speak Dutch.

You have a GP station in almost every neighborhood on Curaçao. Another advantage is that there is often a laboratory at every GP station. So if you unexpectedly have to take blood tests on Curaçao, you can often go directly to the same location. Should you visit a doctor in Curaçao? Then look immediately here and usually you can go right there.


Weekend doctor on Curaçao

Nothing is more annoying than needing a doctor on the weekend or in the evenings, because most general practices in Curaçao are open until 5 in the afternoon. Fortunately, there are also GP practices that are open on weekends, we call this doctor na warda. So you can always go to the doctor. You can also contact these doctors if you are not insured in Curaçao. You then immediately pay an amount to the doctor, just like during the day.

To reach the doctor on duty on Curaçao, you can call a GP practice that is offered on our website. You will then hear a tape with the telephone number of the doctor who is on duty at that time in the evening or at the weekend.

Dutch-speaking general practitioner in Curaçao

If you do have to see a doctor during your stay on Curaçao, it is nice to visit a doctor who can understand you. But also that you understand what he asks you or what treatment plan is needed. On the Fun Curaçao website you will find various general practices in Curaçao where you can select which language the doctor should be able to speak in any case. You can then set a filter with the language, such as a Dutch-speaking doctor in Curaçao or a Spanish-speaking doctor in Curaçao.

Pharmacy in Curaçao

Have you been to a doctor and do you need to pick up medication at a pharmacy in Curaçao? No problem, fortunately we also have a lot of them on the island. You can hand in the doctor's prescription at any pharmacy. In Curaçao we call a pharmacy a “Botika”. Find out which pharmacies you can visit for your prescription here.



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