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Enjoy a BBQ under the sun

A beautiful sunset, beach, filled cool box and good company. The only thing missing for a really successful day is a BBQ! Let's rent it for that perfect beach day.

Our barbecues are ideal to take to the beach or to use at your apartment. They are compact and of good quality. Each meat comes as a gem. So you do not have to buy your own BBQ, but you can now buy one cheaply Rent a BBQ at Fun Curaçao in Curaçao. This saves you a lot of money because you don't have to buy one yourself for a few days after which you have to throw it away. No, with us you can rent the BBQ for a few days or just two days. Everything is possible!


Keep your drinks cool!

There are those tours & activities on Curaçao that you really must have done. Barbecuing on the beach is of course fun everywhere, but on Curaçao it is very special. Prepare your food under the palm trees and enjoy the sunset. Of course you want to make tasty things on the BBQ and then enjoy them. Curaçao has a tropical climate, which means that food and drink heats up quickly and is no longer tasty. To solve this, you can also contact us directly rent a cool box on Curaçao. This way you have chilled food and drinks all day long, so that you don't have to barbecue immediately after departure.

Do you want to sit a bit higher than on the ground or in the sand while barbecuing? We can imagine that! That is why you can also come to us rent beach chairs on Curaçao. Enjoy a BBQ while sitting without sand on your hands and buttocks. Everyone on the beach will be jealous of how luxurious you are. After a nice day at the sea, you can light the fire and enjoy a cozy barbecue with friends, family or your partner on the beach. The ideal way to end a day on the coast. You can barbecue on almost every beach on Curaçao.

Are you going to barbecue on a Sunday? Then you are certainly not alone! Local people flock to the beach to have a barbecue together. Do not miss this experience and rent a BBQ at Fun Curaçao!

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