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“The underwater world is really beautiful here” and “I saw a turtle under water” and then you lie on a beautiful beach without a snorkel set. We have the solution. We rent snorkel sets. Are you going to spot a turtle yourself? The perfect part of a vacation on Curaçao is of course snorkeling with your own snorkel set. There are endless places where you can discover the most beautiful coral reefs.

If you like snorkeling, Curacao is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Because there are so many different beaches and coves you can take a wonderful dip in the sea anywhere. Each beach or bay has its own unique underwater world. Of course you need a snorkel set to discover this. Don't buy these for a high price, though rent this snorkel set as long as you want! At Fun Curaçao you can make your own inexpensively rent snorkel gear on Curaçao.

When you visit the special places on Curaçao, you will be amazed by the clarity of the water and the dazzling beaches. The beautiful azure blue sea can be found everywhere on Curaçao! But the world under water is perhaps even more beautiful and, above all, more special. Are you going on vacation to Curaçao and can't wait to find out what is happening deep in the sea? Then it is rent a snorkel on Curaçao a perfect solution.

Snorkeling in Curaçao

Snorkeling on Curaçao is very popular and that has to do with the weather and the water temperature. These ensure that you can snorkel all year round. It is always on average between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is therefore around 27 degrees, a perfect temperature. In addition, you have almost no problems with waves or strong currents. On Curaçao you have 60 locations where you can snorkel!

In addition, the underwater life is partly due to the volcanic rocks and coral reefs, very varied, colorful and unique. The reefs are close to the coast which makes snorkeling so special. In addition to various coral fish you come across sea turtles. Because the water is super clear, you quickly have tens of meters of visibility.

Do you also want to discover these special fish, beautiful reefs and turtles? Rent your snorkel now with us on Curaçao and get into the water!

Renting in Curaçao

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