Discover Curaçao

Discover Curacao

As you probably know Curaçao is an island where the weather is nice 365 days a year. Every day the temperature is pleasant and you can go out in your shorts with flip flops. All around you you see colored houses and especially in Punda you see the Dutch architecture but in a colored jacket.

Because Curaçao is an island, you are surrounded by the sea. This means that Curaçao has countless beaches and hidden bays where you cannot get your luck. Each beach has its own unique characteristics and is special. At one beach you can snorkel and dive incredibly beautiful and at the other beach you can enjoy a white powder beach with nice facilities.

Curious about the most popular beaches? Then quickly view the beaches on Curaçao and choose where you want to go. Do you want to view the beautiful beaches under the guidance of Fun Curaçao? Then book one immediately tour through our website!

Currency and rate

On Curaçao you pay with Antillean Guilders and is abbreviated with ANG. In supermarkets you often see the abbreviation NAF or NAFL, this is the same as ANG. You can also pay in dollars, but the most common is just the local currency.

If you want to convert guilders into your own currency, take a look at:

Best Travel Time

We often get the question, what is the best time to travel to beautiful Curaçao? You can simply come at any time because it is always nice and warm. Yet Curaçao does have a rainy season. The rainy season runs from October to December. The chance of a rain shower is greatest in these months. Due to climate change, you do notice that the rainy season sometimes lasts longer until the month of January.

But don't worry, because the rainy season is not as bad as it sounds. The rainy season on Curaçao means that there is sometimes a rain shower of about 15-30 minutes during the day. It is really raining, you cannot enjoy a walk outside. The advantage is that it quickly dries and the weather clears up. The rainy season is certainly no reason not to come to Curaçao!

An advantage of traveling to Curaçao around this period is because of the beautiful plants and flowers that bloom completely. The island is green and you can see nature revive. In the months of June to September the island is arid and you do not see all the natural beauty that it does have when it has been arranged. So you see, every disadvantage has its advantage!


The official language is on Curaçao Papiamento. This is a language that consists of about 48 other languages, but it most closely resembles Dutch, English and Spanish. Certain phrases are completely the same as in the Netherlands, such as school words. In addition, machines etc. are mainly expressed in English. In short, you can understand some of it.

A big advantage for the Dutch is that Dutch is spoken on the island. The local population has received Dutch education, so you can just get along. In addition, English is also part of the education, so that you can go a long way with English.

Learn Papiamento words and phrases here



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