Klein Curaçao

Klein Curacao

You may not expect it, but in addition to beautiful Curaçao, you also have Klein Curaçao! Klein Curaçao is a small uninhabited island next to Curaçao. It is located approximately 12 kilometers from Curaçao. So you can certainly go there for a day if you want to experience something special.

Klein Curaçao is mainly popular because it is a real bounty island. You have a pearl white beach and the water around the island is light blue. You can view the bottom and all the fish without having to snorkel.

You don't have much on the island, but you can see things there. You have a large shipwreck on the island and you have a lighthouse that you can go to. In this lighthouse you can walk and enjoy the beautiful view. When you go to Klein Curaçao with certain tour companies, you can use a beach house that has been made there. For the shade you have a few fisherman's shelters where you can lie under.

Snorkeling and diving at Klein Curaçao

Because the water is so clear around Klein Curaçao, this is the perfect water for snorkeling and diving. You will find large turtles and tropical fish here. You can dive among the coral and let yourself be admired by the underwater world.

You can dive here under supervision but also if you have a PADI yourself, you can go diving here. Can't dive? Don't worry because you can also snorkel very well here. Most of the people who come here are snorkeling. The water always has a pleasant temperature and on Klein Curaçao you really feel like you are in the Caribbean.

Tour to Klein Curaçao

Do you also want to visit Klein Curaçao during your vacation on Curaçao? We say do, because it really is a special island to see. Not only the island itself but also the trip to it. You only get there by boat and you often see dolphins during the cruise!

You have various providers who can bring you and your party to Klein Curaçao. Each provider has its own extras. For example, you can opt for an all-inclusive day where breakfast and lunch is arranged, but you can also bring your own food and drinks.

Do you also want to go to Klein Curaçao? Then immediately view all providers with which you can go to Klein Curaçao and book your ticket right away!



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