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Introduction dive on Curaçao

Introduction dive on Curaçao

Always wanted to learn to dive? Opt for an introductory dive on Curaçao!

Curaçao has a breathtaking underwater world. There are many beautiful and famous places to dive on Curaçao that will blow your mind! Experience it yourself by spotting the colorful fish and corals with your own eyes and let yourself float weightlessly in the clear blue Caribbean water. Experience the freedom you will experience underwater. You can have an experience richer in a fast, simple and safe way!

Introductory dives are specially designed for people who have never dived. It is the perfect way to get acquainted with diving in a relaxed way. Curious? Then you can find out through an introductory dive whether diving is for you! So you are not bound to a multi-day course. On our website you will find a nice overview of all diving schools that offer an introductory dive.

Find out via an introductory dive whether diving is for you!

  • The perfect way to get acquainted with diving at a leisurely pace and see if it can become your new passion
  • Professional guidance
  • Choice of different diving schools in your area
  • Including theory part on all diving equipment
  • Explanation of exercises and how to communicate under water

Would you like to discover the beautiful underwater world of Curaçao? View the offer immediately of introductory dives on Curaçao and experience an experience you will never forget!


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Enjoy your stay on Curaçao to the full

Discover the most popular dive sites in Curaçao

Playa Kalki (Alice in Wonderland)

Playa Kalki, also known as Alice in Wonderand, is one of the most beautiful diving locations on Curaçao. 'Kalki' means limestone in Papiamento and refers to the limestone in the cliffs. You will often meet other divers on this beach as Playa Kalki is one of the top 10 dive sites on the island.

It takes about 3 minutes to reach the coral wall, which has a drop of 18 meters. Underwater visibility is about 30 meters deep. You will encounter many large coral formations and colorful fish here. You also have the chance to see some larger fish, rays, turtles, a shark or even dolphins because it is right next to the rough north side of the island.

Mushroom Forest & The Cave

This dive spot is super popular and is often combined with a visit to the Blue Room. Both places are unique locations. You get lost in the coral formations that have grown into mushrooms, hence the name Mushroom Forest. You will regularly find schools of fish and there is a chance you will spot a nurse shark here.

The Blue Room is also called Boka Flute by the locals. The air pushed out of the cave by the wave action makes a whistling sound.

Porti Mari The Valley

The Valley is a vast double reef where it is completely different on the left than on the right. Unique and diverse! Because of this, there is usually two dives because both spots are worth it. Because the water is so clear blue you can admire passing turtles and stingrays in this spectacular reef. Lots of different colorful coral fish and moray eels swim here among the exuberant coral and sometimes you even spot small nurse sharks.

Superior Producer

This Dutch shipwreck is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. It is more than 30 meters deep where many reef fish, barracuda’s and groupers can be seen. In almost 40 years, the wreck has become completely overgrown with various types of coral, anemones and sponges. It is a 10-minute swim from Piscadera, but there is often a strong current.


The tugboat Tugboat sank 30 years ago on the southeast side of Caracas Bay. This is also a nice place for snorkelers because the boat is only five meters deep. Moray eels, trumpet fish, angel fish and tube coral can be found at the boat. Three minutes from Tugboat there is a steep wall of about 30 meters deep where you can see schools of fish swimming. You can also take a look under the jetty.



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