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Are you also crazy about the Curaçao look? Messy beach waves or a cool braid. Where can you get your hair done better than on Curaçao itself? Whether you want to have your hair blow-dried, try out the latest trends or are you looking for a beautiful salon for your bridal hairstyle?

Often you can also have your nails, your eyelashes and even beauty treatments done at the salons, a win-win situation! We have selected the best and nicest hairdressers in Curaçao for you. A visit to the hairdresser on Curaçao is therefore very doable and you will find the same quality here as in Europe!


Having European hair cut on Curaçao

A frequently asked, but justified, question is whether the hairdressers on Curaçao can handle European hair. The hair of Europeans versus Antilleans is a big difference. Often Antilleans have. frizzy hair and that requires a completely different approach than cutting European hair.

On Curaçao you have many hairdressers who specialize in European hair. These hairdressers have also often received training in Europe. So you can assume that your hair will look tip-top when you walk out of the salon again.

Hairdressers on Curaçao

At Fun Curaçao you can quickly and efficiently find hairdressers on Curaçao. You can see what they specialize in and what treatments they possibly offer. It is also useful to view the location when looking for hairdressers on Curaçao because there may be a nice hairdresser on the corner of your accommodation!

So do you have to go to the hairdresser on Curaçao? Don't panic, that's no problem at all here. View the range of hairdressers directly and make an appointment to get the perfect haircut on Curaçao!

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