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Every year, thousands of students and workers come to Curaçao to stay here for a while. The island is becoming more and more popular to visit. Many companies are looking for interns or employees to join their team.

If you are now also coming to Curaçao for a longer period of time, you can simply send us a rent a car for longer term! There are many options with regard to a car when you are staying on the island for a long time. Of course everyone has their own preferences, especially if you rent a car for a longer period on Curaçao. Do you prefer to drive with an automatic transmission or a switch car? Via our website you can easily filter through the range and select your wishes.


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Fun Curaçao is a good platform which makes it possible for visitors to arrange a stay via a platform from A to Z. That is why you can apply different filters for every search. This way you can look for a great deal when you have a want to rent a car on Curaçao. It is of course possible to rent a car for a short period, but the price-quality ratio for long-term rental is often a godsend for students!

Service, safety and reliability are of paramount importance to many providers. For example, on Curaçao you have the option to connect your car to the 24/7 Roadside Assistance service. So should something unexpected happen, you can simply call this service and they will help you immediately. This option has also been added to the car rental offer in the filter.

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Rent a car on Curaçao

Rent a large or small car? There are pros and cons to both formats. Most providers offer small to medium-sized auto’s because they generally drive more efficiently than large auto’s. As an intern or worker, life on Curaçao is already expensive enough and that is why it is nice that providers can offer something affordable. A larger car often provides more comfort, but that also costs a little more. So it just depends on what your budget is and for what long term you want to rent a car on Curaçao.

Do you want to rent a car for a longer period on Curaçao? Then you don't have to look any further because you will find the perfect provider via Fun Curaçao!



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