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Rent a snorkel set on Curaçao

Rent your snorkel set on Curaçao!

Are you going on vacation to the beautiful island of Curaçao soon? Or are you staying on Curaçao for a longer period of time? Then it must not have escaped your notice during your preparation that Curaçao is the perfect island for snorkeling. Due to the clear water and the wonderful temperature of the sea, you can snorkel well here on Curaçao.

Of course you have one for snorkeling snorkel set necessary and you do not have to take this with you on the plane, but you can easily rent it from us on Curaçao. Fun Curaçao has it own location where you can go to rent a snorkel set on Curaçao.

Put together your snorkel set

When you visit us on location you can choose which snorkel you want to rent. We have the popular Facemasks but also the ordinary, professional snorkels. In addition to the snorkel, it is extra handy to rent a set of flippers. This way, your snorkel set is complete and you can enjoy snorkeling on Curaçao.

The snorkel sets that we rent out are of good quality and are well maintained by us. We clean the snorkel sets and flippers after every rental. As a result, they are disinfected and you can go snorkeling with them. You do not have to bring a bag because you will receive a bag from us where you can put it in. This way you don't have to store your snorkel gear with your beach gear.

We offer snorkel sets in different sizes, so for people with large or small feet, narrow or wider faces, we have a suitable size for everyone. Are you coming with children? That is not a problem either because we have small sizes of Facemasks and snorkels. So anyone can do one rent a snorkel set on Curaçao at Fun Curaçao!

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