Beaches in Curaçao

Beaches on Curacao

One of the main reasons for a rent a car on Curaçao is of course to all beautiful beaches to see! Fortunately, Curaçao also has a lot of them, around 37 (!), Which means that you really need the time to visit them all.

One of the fun things to do on Curaçao is to see the underwater world. Curaçao has an abundance of marine fauna. At the bottom you will find multicolored fish, dolphins, turtles and beautiful rocks with coral. In addition, you often have the choice of different bays, long beaches and festive beaches on Curaçao.

You can get your sign up for a diving course and then you really go out on the “open” sea to see the underwater world! Even with a snorkel you can see this beauty and you also get a tan on your back.

* Tip for the ladies: topless sunbathing is generally not allowed on Curaçao.

Because there is a lot of tourism on the island, it is very important that the beaches remain clean. As a result, there are a number of private beaches on Curaçao where you can enjoy a lovely beach bed with service all day for a small fee of a few euros.

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